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2016 London Sukuk Summit Testimonials

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Testimonials from speakers and delegates of the 2015 London Sukuk Summit:

[su_testimonial style=”2″ name=”Wayne Evans” title=”Adviser International Strategy” company=”TheCityUK” photo=”images/Speakers/WayneEvans.jpg” scroll_reveal=”enter bottom”]Once again the London Sukuk Summit delivered on its promise to be a key event in the Islamic Finance calendar. The quality of the discussions led by the panellists and also in the margins of the conference was excellent and highly relevant to the current international dialogue on Sukuk. TheCityUK as the UK’s leading industry body for financial and related professional service was pleased to participate and endorse the 2015 Sukuk Summit.[/su_testimonial]

[su_testimonial style=”2″ name=”Mohamad Tariq” title=”Former Head of Treasury & Advisor to the President” company=”Islamic Development Bank” photo=”images/Speakers/Mohammed Tariq.gif” scroll_reveal=”enter bottom”]London Annual Sukuk Summit organised by ICG has undoubtedly established itself as a premier event for Islamic finance. Sukuk market continues to develop with issuance averaging $120 billion a year. At the Summit new structures for Sukuk, meeting the issuers’ requirements, are presented by industry professionals. Keynote speakers include representatives from top financial regulators, senior market practitioners and others who have been involved in Islamic finance over a long period. Panel discussions take place in a unique setting with a given theme discussed in an interactive session. One feature of the success of the Summit is audience participation in Q&A sessions and knowledgeable comments from the floor, which is very much encouraged. Each year there is an improvement in the depth and breadth of what the Summit presentations cover. I can strongly recommend attendance by anybody interested in Islamic finance in general, and Sukuk area in particular.[/su_testimonial]

[su_testimonial style=”2″ name=”Emad Al Monayea” title=”Board Director & CEO” company=”Kuwait Finance House Investment Co. K.S.C.C.” photo=”images/Speakers/EmadAlMonayea.jpg” scroll_reveal=”enter bottom”]Again another extraordinary achievements with London Sukuk 2015 version. Positive and encouraging news for the international Sukuk market. New contacts and networks. New success stories and upgraded structures.[/su_testimonial]

[su_testimonial style=”2″ name=”Mark Watts” title=”CEO” company=”Gulf International Bank (UK) Ltd” photo=”images/Speakers/MarkWatts.jpg” scroll_reveal=”enter bottom”]The 2015 Sukuk Summit once again brought together a winning combination of buy side and sell side practitioners, together with a liberal sprinkling of market technicians, scholars and issuers. As a presenter, the experience was extremely worthwhile and helped me understand the market in far greater depth. Well recommended.[/su_testimonial]

[su_testimonial style=”2″ name=”Hassan Sunbol” title=”CEO” company=”GRC” photo=”images/Speakers/HassanSunbol.gif” scroll_reveal=”enter bottom”]2015 Sukuk Summit has been informative, challenging, timely and most of well organised.[/su_testimonial]

[su_testimonial style=”2″ name=”Will Cooper” title=”Underwriting Manager” company=”UK Export Finance” photo=”images/Speakers/Blank.gif” scroll_reveal=”enter bottom”]I was delighted to be asked to give a key note speech at the 2015 London Sukuk Summit on the UK Export Finance guaranteed Sukuk and to take part in the subsequent Q&A. The opportunity to engage with global experts and industry practitioners was very welcome and I greatly appreciated the hard work of all those involved in the event.[/su_testimonial]

[su_testimonial style=”2″ name=”Abradat Kamalpour” title=”Partner” company=”Ashurt LLP” photo=”images/Speakers/AbradatKamalpour.gif” scroll_reveal=”enter bottom”]By far the most focused and relevant event for the Sukuk market.[/su_testimonial]

[su_testimonial style=”2″ name=”Fawaz Abusneineh” title=”Head of Debt Capital Markets” company=”National Bank of Abu Dhabi” photo=”images/Speakers/FawazAbusneineh.jpg” scroll_reveal=”enter bottom”]A great event for Sukuk market participants to share their views and work on developing better Islamic markets standards.[/su_testimonial]

[su_testimonial style=”2″ name=”Dr. Massoud Janekeh” title=”Director, Head of Corporate & Structured Finance” company=”Bank of London and Middle East” photo=”images/Speakers/MassoudJanekeh.gif” scroll_reveal=”enter bottom”]Sukuk remains an untapped opportunity for European corporates who look to diversify their funding sources. ICG’s London Sukuk Summit has over the years played an important part in raising the profile of Sukuk and educating the issuers and investors in this important financing instrument.[/su_testimonial]

[su_testimonial style=”2″ name=”Mohamed Damak” title=”Global Head of Islamic Finance” company=”Standard & Poor’s Ratings Services” photo=”images/Speakers/MohamedDamak.jpg” scroll_reveal=”enter bottom”]A great event for Sukuk market participants to share their views and work on developing better Islamic markets standards.[/su_testimonial]