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[milano_icon_text icon=”icon-map-pin” title=”Location”]Ashurts , LONDON, UK[/milano_icon_text]
[milano_icon_text icon=”icon-clock” title=”Date & Time”]6pm – 10pm, 10th Oct[/milano_icon_text]
[milano_icon_text icon=”icon-mic” title=”Speakers”]40+ Professionals[/milano_icon_text]
[milano_icon_text icon=”icon-profile-male” title=”Seats”]400 people[/milano_icon_text]

Be A Sponsor

ICG-Events have been successful in organising the IREF Summit for the past 10 years continuously with the constant support of major players in the industry as well as focusing on bringing the most current real estate developments to the forefront of the industry. The IREF Summit is now the premier conference brand and we hope that you will take advantage of the great branding and focused PR opportunities that sponsoring the 2015 IREF Summit will provide.

The Summit will ensure that you at the forefront of the region’s dynamic sector whilst reinforcing branding and corporate identity, establishing new business relationships with professional partners or those in need of such partners/projects and share in knowledge from your influential industry groups operating in key global real estate markets. The support of your esteemed institution will not only enhance the profile of the Summit but will also contribute to its success. Please contact us directly in order to discuss your participation in the event further.

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