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Rasameel Structured Finance Company (Rasameel) is a Kuwaiti Shareholding Company K.S.C. (closed) with an authorized and paid up capital of KD21,000,000.

Headquartered in Kuwait, Rasameel is focused primarily on capital markets which are the core of today’s financial system, providing funding sources and investment opportunities to participants on an increasingly interconnected global scale. The constant evolution of the capital markets provides dynamic opportunities to those seeking funding and those seeking investments for a wide range of risk and return preferences. The GCC economies are part of the global capital markets but a significant and growing percentage of GCC companies and investors are insisting that their participation in the capital markets must be Sharia compliant. Rasameel Structured Finance provides access to the capital markets for those participants who want to fund their operations and invest their funds in accordance with Sharia guidelines. Where conventional markets are close to being Sharia compliant, Rasameel will provide the necessary contractual details to provide a fully Sharia compliant transaction. In other situations, Rasameel will work with the clients and the Sharia committees to work out an efficient solution to the clients’ capital requirements.

The areas in which Rasameel can assist clients include general Sukuk (Ijara, Mudaraba, Murabaha, Musharaka), asset securitization, infrastructure financing, principal and secondary market trading, asset origination procedures, asset due diligence analyses, asset pricing, asset repackaging, asset management, investment advisory, direct investment, private equity, proprietary trading, merger and acquisition, and capital structure advisory.