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KFH Capital


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The Company was incorporated on March 17th, 1999 under the name of Muthanna Investment Company as an investment company carrying on business in accordance with the Noble Islamic Sharia’a. Pursuant to the ordinary assembly resolution dated December 29th, 2013, the Company name was changed to “KFH Capital Investment Company” (KFHC). The Company roots extend to several decades ago with the incorporation of the main shareholder and parent company, Kuwait Finance House, in 1977 as the first Islamic financial institution in Kuwait. KFH Capital Investment company is considered as the main investment arm of Kuwait Finance House. The company’s paid up capital is 70,215,603 million Kuwaiti Dinar.

The Company has adopted a unique method for management of its operations, based on two principles (1) diversification of investment and asset management categories (2) constant development of its products and services for the purpose of accommodating all requirements of the clients, in line with the changes and developments in the market, while ensuring quality of investment and compliance with all the local and international regulatory requirements.