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M. Tariq

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Former Treasurer, Head of Investments & Senior Adviser to the President, IDB Group (Confirmed)

Mohammad Tariq has a long and successful career in the financial sector working in the fields of Capital Markets, Asset Management, Treasury, M&A and development banking etc. over the past 38 years. Mohammad Tariq has recently returned to London after 9 years at the Jeddah based Islamic Development Bank., a “AAA” rated multilateral development bank of 56 countries, where he served for 7 years as the Treasurer and Head of Investments and later for 2 years as a Senior Adviser to the President, IDB Group. Mohammed Tariq was involved in the issuance of Sukuk since IDB started the process in 2002 and has advised several sovereigns and corporate entities. He was also responsible for setting up hedging mechanism for profit rate and currency swaps under which IDB has conducted a large number of deals over the years. He also represented the IDB Group as a member and Chairman on the Boards of some financial institutions.

Mohammad Tariq worked for 22 years in the City of London in prestigious investment banks as well as two financial institutions in Bahrain from 1995 to 2002.

Mohammad Tariq was the Chief Examiner over 5 years for the Securities Institute, UK for Bonds and Fixed Interest Markets and Fund Management subjects. He has been a member of the Institute of Actuaries, Securities Institute and the London Stock Exchange.

Mohammad Tariq studied Mathematics and has made original contribution in the field of Algebra during a 4-year period as a Research Fellow at postgraduate and postdoctoral levels.

Mohammad Tariq’s current interests lie in Advisory / Consultancy work as well non-executive Directorships.