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Mushtak Parker

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Editor, Islamic Banker (Confirmed)

Mushtak Parker is Editor of Islamic Banker Magazine, one of the foremost journals in the industry with a global circulation in the major Islamic Financial institutions.

He has over 30 years of experience in media, journalism, broadcasting, and consultancy. His specialist countries include UK; the GCC; Turkey, Germany, Malaysia, South Africa. His forte is in Islamic finance; conventional banking; ethical investment; commodities; petrochemicals; development; Islamic arts (funding and patronage); human rights; sports (rugby union, cricket, football) and governance. He is the Editor of Islamic Banker, as well as the correspondent for Arab News and The London Times Supplements.

Apart from contributing articles on various topics to the Guardian, The Observer, The Independent, Newsweek, Institutional Investor; The Times; London Evening Standard; Business Day (South Africa); New Straits Times (Malaysia); The Diplomat; The Middle East; Middle East International; Emerging Markets; Economist Intelligence Unit, he is also an active consultant on Islamic finance, other markets and economic issues. He also teaches a Special Course for Malaysian Civil Servants in the Religious Department and the Military for three months anually in London on top of conducting confidential market research and specialised confidential research and information services for specific clients.