Sheikh Dr. Faizal Ahmad Manjoo

Shaykh Dr. Faizal Ahmad Manjoo, CEO, Minarah Consulting Ltd.

Sheikh Faizal Manjoo is a specialist in three disciplines – Islamic Finance, Shariah and Corporate/Commercial Law. This combination of the above qualifications has helped him to operate as an international Shariah Scholar, where he provides expert legal opinion to High Courts in high profile cases, as well as sitting on the Shariah Supervisory Board of leading Islamic financial institutions. He has been a member of the advisory committee of Takaful for the Accounting and Auditing Organization of Islamic Financial Institutions based in Bahrain.

Sheikh Faizal is also a well-known academic. His PhD Research is on Islamic Occupational Pension, a new area of research in the Muslim world. He has studied for three master’s degrees – Islamic finance, Islamic Studies, and Education. He is a senior lecturer and is affiliated to few universities in UK and Europe. He has pioneered few organisations such as the Muslim Mediation and Arbitration Council of South Africa and the Muslim Lawyers Association of South Africa.

He won the Emerald’s Literati Award for best academic reviewer for an Emerald academic journal in 2018. He was also presented with the Dr Zaki Badawi Award for Young Shariah Advisor in 2012. His expert view has been quoted in many specialist magazines and academic journals. He is a regular speaker at international conferences such as the Cambridge University Symposium on Economic and Financial Crimes.

He is the CEO of Minarah Consulting, a firm specialised in consultancy in finance, education, and law. He is the managing director of Minarah Academy an educational institute that provides executive training and engages in developing courses for professionals mainly.