[milano_icon_text icon=”icon-map-pin” title=”Location”]Ashurst LLP, London, UK[/milano_icon_text]
[milano_icon_text icon=”icon-clock” title=”Date & Time”]14th Feb: 9am – 6pm[/milano_icon_text]
[milano_icon_text icon=”icon-mic” title=”Speakers”]30[/milano_icon_text]
[milano_icon_text icon=”icon-profile-male” title=”Seats”]200 Delegates[/milano_icon_text]

Position your organisation as an innovator and a leader!

Raise the profile of your organisation and its key personnel, and host your clients and prospects in an inspirational and enlightening learning environment. There’s no better way to develop senior contacts and enhance your credibility with key prospects. Participate in the development of a major event, and contribute to the discussion of your sector’s top issues and opportunities.The IREF Summit is renowned for its ability to bring together top executives and thought leaders to debate the issues, collaborate on solutions, and define best practices. Your Summit sponsorship investment represents incredible value, because it capitalises on the Summit’s independence, organisational strengths, and respected brand, while enabling you to focus on your communications and marketing objectives for the event.

Drive brand awareness over the six-month conference marketing campaign!

IREF Summit marketing is a comprehensive, multi-media effort of online and offline communications, all designed to attract the experts and business leaders who have a stake in the issues and can contribute to the discussion. Capitalise on the IREF Summit’s expertise to elevate your brand and your team above the competition. From partnering in event development to many levels of event sponsorship, you can choose the sponsorship program that fits your business objectives. Download the sponsorship brochure and learn how to take full advantage of the robust conference marketing and development expertise we hold.

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