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How to Apply

[su_heading style=”flat-green” color=”#fff” style_color=”#e65600″ align=”left”]How to Apply[/su_heading]

We believe in making your awards entry as straightforward as possible. The following guidelines help to ensure that the nomination process is fair and gives nominees a ‘level playing field’. Please try to follow each step as closely as you can. We look forward to receiving your nominations. Closing dates for nominations is the 29th of April 2016. A deadline you can’t afford to miss! Please note the following –

  1. Nominees have to specify the award nomination category.
  2. Nominees can submit their application for more than one category, but must provide relevant details for each category.
  3. Choose the award category relevant to you, then fill out the form on this site by clicking the button below. Submitted forms must be complete.
  4. As the questions are detailed, we suggest you take your time and answer the questions carefully. The form could time out if you leave it idle for too long.
  5. There is an option to upload supporting documents at the end of the online form. These can be in Word, pdf, ppt or jpeg format, with a total file size not exceeding 1MB. Please note: these are not to be considered a substitute for the completed online form.
  6. Achievements detailed in nominations should not be older than 18 months. Those older than that may not be considered.

For questions or clarifications, please e-mail us with the subject line “Sukuk Summit Awards”.

[h3]What Next?[/h3]

  • Nominees will be shortlisted by our external auditors, and then sent to a panel of industry expert judges, who have been pre-selected to work with us.
  • All shortlisted nominations will be sent to the judging panel.
  • Each entry will be judged based on how it compares with all other entries submitted in its category and the judges own knowledge of the sector and entity in question.
  • Based on the details provided in the application and substantiating facts, the judges will select finalists for each category.
  • The judges might verify the information provided in the nomination form by calling the individual/company that has been nominated.

In case of any disputes, the decision taken by ICG will be considered final. Shortlisted candidates will be notified by e-mail. The awards will take place on the evening of the 25th of May 2016.