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Why Nominate

[su_heading style=”flat-green” color=”#fff” style_color=”#e65600″ align=”left”]Why Nominate[/su_heading]

Winning one of these respected industry accolades will undoubtedly compliment your position at the forefront of your industry whilst reinforcing your branding and corporate identity. Additionally, this independent third party endorsement not only confirms your outstanding achievement, and undoubted market lead!… BUT it also provides your corporate communications team with very credible supporting marketing literature that highlights your excellence and should yield great dividends over the following year until next year’s Awards Ceremony!

Utilised correctly your marketing team could achieve great impact and mileage as news of your wining one of these recognised industry accolades resonates widely both within and beyond your market. A host of international media will be attending the Summit and the Summit Media Partners will also publish articles on the Awards Ceremony and the deserving winners.

If you’re proud of your business’ achievements, we can make sure the world knows about them. Whether you’ve broken new markets, exceeded all forecasts, pioneered new technology or leveraged exponential growth – these Awards are for you!

The Sukuk Summit Awards of Excellence are selected by a panel of judges who are made up of respected industry experts from across the GCC, Europe and South East Asia respectively. The panel of judges are responsible for nominations – utilising their own expert market knowledge whilst also taking into consideration all nominations when evaluating and selecting those institutions and individuals that they deem to have attained outstanding achievement(s), success and excellence over the past 18 months.

In order to make the process as transparent as possible institutions and the general public are also entitled to submit nominations for those entities and individuals that they feel deserve recognition. All of the factors above are taken into consideration during the selection of winners in the various categories and we encourage all interested parties to participate in the nomination process.

Make sure you nominate NOW! To ensure that your nominated entity or individual are in the running for one of this year’s premier industry accolades!

If you are a contender for one of this year's premier Sukuk Summit Awards, we wish you the best of luck!